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Finally this book is Published!

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This is the introduction to my forthcoming book: Where Heart touches Matter – A guided course and colouring book on working with your chakras and energy body to health and well-being with colours and crystals.

Introduction to: WhereHeart touches Matter

Before I was totally awake this morning a vision came to me in my sleep.It was an image of my heart. It came through the morning light like a projection of what I am – a heart seeking its owner. It was a brief interlude of ecstatic recognition mixed with a host of delightful colors following precise circular patterns. Then, it was gone.

Once more I wanted this vision with its sensual feeling to appear in its entire loveliness. I wanted to recreate the sensation of being one with who I am, but then it disappeared into nothingness. The loss filled my inner spaces so absolutely that I fell into a state of despair. Would I ever see my beloved heart again? I thought. I wanted to recreate the sensation of being who I am and keep this radiant representation of my heart forever, but without warning, the image had disappeared into nothingness.

heart chakra painting

The Inner Heart Chakra painting  by the author.

Startled, I sat up in bed. I acknowledged that this experience was just a dream, and I had to carry on in spite of it. But, it felt so heavy having known a short moment of bliss, and then robbed of it. How could I keep this feeling alive? I wondered. I knew the answer from my earlier experiences with crystals. It is easy to suffer, but to turn that suffering into joy, or any other feeling, takes practice. I must apply myself to it. I have to practice this feeling to keep it alive, micro moments at a time.

How? I asked my angel, who is always with me and appear when I pay attention to her guidance. Then without hesitation, I heard her say:

“Create images that blend together in your inner sanctuary. Draw them, and then put your colors where they belong. Your colours are the feelings you want. It is going to be a self portrait of you, as I see you. You are filled with shapes mixed with lines and colours. You are filled with all the geometries you can imagine. Your being is based on these forms you saw.”

“Your physical being is the perfect replica of the current blueprint you have activated. To meet your true heart, as you glimpsed in your vision, you must look at where you are right now, and then map out the direction to meet your true heart again. Your vision was the guidance, a message from your enlightened self, who is immaculately perfect. You must practice this perfection, by exploring all parts of yourself. To start, follow the choice of a colour and put it into your picture.”

As she spoke into my inner ear, I saw circular shapes, like Mandalas flashing before my eyes. They appeared as blueprints of something to be born. My practice would be to first draw these shapes, and then fill them with colour. As my vision continued, I noticed the similarities between the chakras, the many crystals I have been working with, and the image before me. The flash of recognition crossed my mind. I knew in that very moment that this was the work I had to create and share.


Here is the mandalas of the chakra field, that was shown to me. I drew them in ink to provide a template. Here you see my friend Johanna’s version of colour..

Immediately, a million questions flooded my mind. If I could help other people address problems in their body and mind by way of creativity, it could change everything.  I realised I had a task to accomplish. I had to make this journey to the heart, a journey worth taking for the people who are looking for it. As a result I would be able to find myself, learn what I am here to do, and share my experience with others.

Is that it? I asked my angel again. She responded: “By knowing yourself deeply, all other answers become easy to find. Colouring your way to health and happiness will work, as you practice it. Go before, and show how to do it! This is all I have to say for now.”

What you see in this book before you is just a guided way into your own heart. Step by step it will take you closer to who you are, helping you on your journey. Start at the beginning and color each Mandala one by one. Color them at a pace that gives you the most satisfaction and joy. Choose your colors and let your inner wheels guide your hands as you stroke the drawing into life. You always choose which it is going to be: dark or light, good or bad, perfect or flawed. To illustrate what you are working to perfect inside of you. Date and sign each completed image. Then, let go, and move on to the next one.
When “Heart touches Matter” you become more alive, more aware. By engaging with the living force of your heart in this process, it engages your natural creativity that heals and infuses you with conscious intention. Dust is no longer dust, but a living being. Let yourself become an expression of your heart and become fully alive.

Margherita Crystal Lotus, Enchantment Healing Retreat.

To learn more about this forthcoming book contact the author.

3 thoughts on “Where Heart Touches Matter

  1. Heather Outhwaite

    Hi Margherita,
    I feel this will be an important work, and I look forward to reading and completing the entire book. I have been thinking about painting again, and this may be the tool to inspire me. Thank you for your devotion and work.


  2. Evelyn Fisher

    Margherita, You have been doing such deep work connecting to your essence and releasing the debris in your path.You discovered your method of connection and expression with your art and painting. Blessings dear One.
    I Thank you for sharing your journey.


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