How to establish Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is critical in life, because when you loose balance, you become powerless to affect your immediate actions and reactions. We naturally want balance as it is only from a balanced place that true happiness emerges. In my chapter of Crystal Healing, (from The Crystal Lotus Handbook) I talk about understanding the root cause of imbalance and ill health.

Health, I propose, is an effect of balancing loss and accumulation of energies. When we lose energy we become depleted and weak. This may result in being un-grounded, confused or spaced out. When we have too much energy and cannot process it, we store it and thereby create pockets of energies in ourselves that sooner or later will erupt. This may create a short temper, uncontrollable rage, or bitterness. In the first case we let the energy be lost as parts of ourselves, such as soul fragments. To heal we must recover those parts. In the second case we must return to others (let go) what we took on, or in other words dispel the influence or parts of others. The source of an experienced problem resides either inside or outside of us. Inner causes include: our response patterns to real or imaginary events and our physical constitution. External causes include actions of others, the environment, and collective beliefs.


Our Mind is like the sky, the clouds our thoughts racing through. To control the mind and how you think, you must control the inner winds of your mind. This can be accomplished through spiritual practice and healing.

Our own beliefs and values, dictate how we respond. And if you want to alter responses to the things in your life, you must first understand that beliefs and values was taught to you by your parents, or caregivers when you were young. It is possible to change if your motivation is strong enough. Crystal healing provides us with tools to help us attune to what balance is. For example we can meditate with a crystal as a focus.

Course participants in crystal healing report that they feel freer and more in charge of themselves after learning this healing modality. The techniques outlined in The Crystal Lotus Handbook can be applied in, or together with many different healing systems. The key here is the essential points;

  • You have the power change something for the better
  • Healing helps when you understand how your body and mind functions together
  • By healing yourself you also help others to regain their inner powers

Blessings, Margherita